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Manifest Studios supports iconic brands and creative talents in the making of inspiring projects. An international expertise acquired over 20+ years thanks to the award winning family that has made Manifest Studios what it is today.
Worked with Apple and National Geographic on redesigning multiple home pages in multiple languages for to populate content for Apple's depute of OS X Yosemite. The National Geographic pages were used at Apple's 2014 keynote at their World Wide Developers conference, all of Apple.com's websites, with multiple projects throughout... Safari, iPad mini, iPad Air, ios as well.
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3 Months
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A worldwide celebration encouraging people of all ages to appreciate nature by taking a snapshot of a plant or animal in their world and sharing it with the rest of the world. Together we’ll create a global snapshot of the diverse life on our planet—and attempt to achieve a Guinness World Records® title for the largest online photo album of animals!

As we develop communications for this project, it is important that we speak with a singular voice and present a consistent look and feel. Please refer to this guide for creative inspiration, style and usage.
Our worked appeared on Apple.com in multiple areas throughout their site in multiple languages. Each home page for National Geographic had to be recreated to pixel-perfect design. Apple had very high demands on how each design was created and choice of photography and placement was critical.
NatGeo Magazine
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iPad Mini & iPad Air
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Snapchat Discover was a new way to explore Stories from different editorial teams. It’s the result of collaboration with world-class leaders in media to build a storytelling format that puts the narrative first.

When Discover first launched - editorial teams for the first 12 brands struggled on creating enough content fast enough everyday. National Geographic struggled more than most, having no one to create content for what SnapChat called "Top Snaps." I was contacted and asked to create a theme for the brand, but also on creating a strategy for the social media team to create visual content at a rapid rate and easily for non-designers to use.

I created an easy to use process for the social media team to see a variety of "TopSnaps" for different pieces of content in a dashboard setting. The user would easily be able to navigate the content, download the RAW file and make updates to the copy and images/videos.

Each downloadable piece of content I had created the animation/motion graphics for.

Virgin America is making flying fun again. In 2014, the airline also decided to reinvent the digital travel experience. After an exhaustive search for the right partner, the company chose Work & Co to design and engineer a new digital platform that could respond to modern travel needs and behaviors. We partnered with Virgin America to design and develop the world’s first responsive airline website to meet the needs of modern travelers. As its digital agency of record, we extended the tech-forward experience to mobile in 2016, launching a new native app for iOS and Android. Within hours, Virgin America was the #1 featured app on both the App Store and Google Play.

Print readership and advertising revenues slashed. Newspapers falling behind to Twitter for breaking stories. Newsrooms cutting staff. Flicking through a newspaper in the past few years, those headlines might have led you to believe you were holding one of the last specimens of an endangered species.But read the full story, and you’d learn that the death of newspapers, although widely reported, has been greatly exaggerated. Storied British broadsheetThe Timesand its sister weekend publication,The Sunday Times, have managed to stay ahead in this challenging climate: The papers have more than 400,000 subscribers and 170,000 digital subscribers. And they’re growing: the papers turned a pre-tax profit of £10.9m for owner News UK in the fiscal year to June 2015.Wanting to build on this success,The Times’s owner News UK approached IDEO to explore how best to serve the content to where their readers naturally go: smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Known largely for its social sharing of photos and videos, SnapChat had evolved over the years to become one of the largest social media platforms in the world. National Geographic was asked to be one of the first content providers for Recognizing the considerable opportunity behind this pivot into software, GE tapped frog to help build a UX Center of Excellence (UXCOE) to set broad standards and guidelines for the company’s software, ensuring it matches the company’s well-earned reputation for stellar engineering.frog collaborated with GE engineers and designers to build a core foundation of languages, needs, tools, and success metrics to support its UX practice. Rather than dictate best practices, frog acted as a researcher and translator, surfacing best practices throughout the company and disseminating them across divisions. The resulting knowledge and playbook sets unified design standards companywide. To keep GE's global design teams aligned and the knowledge base fresh, UX Central facilitates an ongoing conversation among UX professionals across the company.By making complex systems simpler to design and use, GE’s UX Center of Excellence has significantly decreased time to market while improving the experience of applications across healthcare, energy, and infrastructure. This new digital transformation initiative has sped the launch of remote monitoring and diagnostic software for several mission-critical products, including myFleet and myEngines. UXCOE won an IDEA Gold award in 2012 for Design Strategy.